Thank you to everyone who supported Kayla's Hope Week 2024!

Your support provides hope, help, and healing. We are on a mission. Thank you for joining us. There is HELP. There is HOPE.

It's OKAY to not be OKAY!

Established in 2018: Kayla’s Hope Foundation was created by the Lehmann family in loving memory of their daughter and sister, Kayla Brooke Lehmann (April 5, 2003 – April 7, 2018).

The mission of the Kayla’s Hope Foundation is to help remove the stigma of mental illness while assisting those who struggle and offering hope to those who need it most. It’s OKAY to not be OKAY, and it is so important to feel comfortable talking about it.

Since its inception, Kayla’s Hope has raised over $300K to fund projects and services that help achieve our goals.

Please help us by donating to Kayla’s Hope so that others may have the opportunity to receive mental health care, greater education and awareness of mental health in our schools, as well as financial assistance to high school seniors helping to enable bright futures for our next generation.

There is HELP. There is HOPE.